Unbox Awesome

SQUIRRELINABOX is dedicated to creating unique web services and experiences that are both useful and entertaining.

Home Poker System

Stop the headaches and ditch the spreadsheets. From scheduling and RSVPs to score tracking and detailed player status; Home Poker System is all about streamlining all aspects of home poker game management.

With a free version, it's easy to register your league in seconds and start the next poker season off right.

Tabletop Toolkit

As an easy to use board game companion, Tabletop Toolkit let's you roll dice, randomize teams, get words for guessing games, and much more.

Whether you're a professional dungeon master, a card game card shark, or a family game aficionado, Tabletop Toolkit provides many different utilities to help you with all sorts of tabletop gaming related tasks.

Coming soon...

Multiple projects are currently in development. Some are updates to old SQUIRRELINABOX websites while others are brand new experiences set to be launched in the coming months.