In April 2005, the first "official" SQUIRRELINABOX website, Home Poker System, was launched - it was called Squirrelinabox Poker at the time. The website came about when some poker friends and I wanted a website to track and manage all our games and stats. We looked around at existing websites, but couldn't find anything that did everything we wanted. So, being a Web developer by trade, I decided to whip something up. Within a few weeks of launch new leagues started being created by people around the world and thus, SQUIRRELINABOX was born.

Since then I've launched several different websites from blogs to web services and even a bunch of Windows Phone mobile apps (R.I.P.). As time went on I realized I had way too many sites with too many features and updates forever stuck on my to-do-list so I decided to cut back on the quantity and focus on quality. Many sites have been shut down or temporarily put on hold as I'm currently focused on rebuilding and relaunching some sites while working on brand new ones.


Does SQUIRRELINABOX accept outside websites into its network?
No. All websites featured in the SQUIRRELINABOX Network are created and managed by SQUIRRELINABOX.
What technologies are used to make SQUIRRELINABOX websites?
All sites are built custom with a combination of ASP.Net, C#, and MSSQL.
How can I advertise on a SQUIRRELINABOX website?
Each website offers different advertising options so the best thing to do is submit your advertising questions via the contact form.
Does SQUIRRELINABOX do custom work for other companies or individuals?
With so many projects on the "to-do" list, no outside work is currently being accepted. Of course, if just the right project comes along with the right incentives... you never know.