Sep 25, 2022
Today SQUIRRELINABOX is reborn with a new look and a new focus. With so many websites I realized I had a quantity over quality issue that made updating and maintaining everything too difficult. As such, I've decided to pull the plug on many of the projects and websites that were underperforming while rededicating my energy toward the projects that I see a real future for.

The first two websites that I have rebuilt and relaunched are Home Poker System and Tabletop Toolkit. The new versions of these websites add a more modern look, with more features, mobile support, and much more. I will be posting a more in-depth look into the update to Home Poker System in a few days since it was quite a big project with many users that I'm sure are interested in the many updates and upgrades that were implemented.

In the coming months I hope to both relaunch some sites as well as release a brand new project or two. With that said, I want to emphasize that all projects (including both Home Poker System and Tabletop Toolkit) will constantly be updated going forward. The biggest issue with the many SQUIRRELINABOX projects before is that they all started off amazing and unique but then stagnated due to lack of updates which I take full responsibility for.